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Get the scliph from team rocket in celadon city get the silph scope from the team rocket hideout in celadon city NOTE(it is at the gamecorner), to get to the hideout, talk to the rocket guarding the poster and beat him, he will run east, follow him to a door

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Q: How do you beat the ghost gaurding the top floor on Pokemon leaf green?
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On Pokemon Green which floor in silph co are the beds to heal your Pokemon?

Those are on Floor 9.

Where in Pokemon Diamond is the ghost at?

Ghost is only in Pokemon blue, red, yellow, fire red and leaf green. Its useless cause its uncatchable.

Where is cubone in Pokemon Green?

You can get Cubone by catch it in Pokemon Tower (The place fill with a lot of ghost pokemon_)

Witch floor of the Pokemon manison is the secret key on leaf green?

The basement.

What is super affective against ghost type Gengar in leaf green?

Both ghost-type and dark-type Pokemon are super-effective against any ghost-types.

Where is the lift in the rocket hideout in Pokemon leaf green?

The lift is on basment floor 2 but the key is on basement floor 3.

On which floor is boss giovani in rockets hideout in Pokemon leaf green?

The last floor but you need to use a warp to get to him. I think the warp is on the third floor.

How can you get Charmander in Pokemon leaf green if you chosed squirtel?

You can trade from firered version on second floor of the Pokemon center after you get the pokedex.

What city is the man in the green hat in Pokemon LeafGreen?

he is not in a city, he is in all Pokemon centers on the second floor when you go to the Nintendo event

What is ghost favorite subject?

Pokemon: Fire Red or Leaf Green. Peek-a-boo!

Where to find a thunder stone in Pokemon leaf green?

You can buy them on the fourth floor of the Celadon Department Store

How do you get past level 30 ghost in Pokemon tower in leaf green?

You will need to have the item called the silph scope which reveals the identity of the ghosts that ghost happens to be the deceased mother of a cubone aka Marowak you will have to defeat her in order to reach the top of Pokemon tower.