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Giovani's in the basement of team rocket's hideout place. He's at the end of the building

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Q: Where to find Giovanni in celadon city in fire red?
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How do you find water stone?

In fire red you can buy it at celadon city.

Find a fire stone Pokemon FireRed?

You can buy fire stones at the celadon city dept store.

How do you find the TM hyper beam in fire red?

It can be bought at the Pokemart in Celadon City.

Where can you find a stone?

well in pokemon leaf and fire you can find them in celadon city department store 4th floor. hope I helped

Where are all the gym leaders in FireRed?

the first is in pewter city (rock), the second in cerulean city (water), then vermillion city (electric), celadon city (grass), saffron city (fighting), cinnibar island (fire) and viridian city (giovanni) then you're ready for the jhoto reigon :)

Where is the fire stone in saffron city?

It's not in saffron city you can buy fire stones at the celadon city dept store.

Where is the department store in pokemon fire red?

Celadon City

Where to get the rainbow badge in poke'mon fire red?

Celadon city.

What to do in the hotel building in celadon city in fire red?


What town is the the department store in Pokemon fire red?

celadon city

Where is gary in Silph Co in pokemon fire red?

in celadon city

How do you get a fire stone on blue version?

Buy it in Celadon City Mart.