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Q: What to do in the hotel building in celadon city in fire red?
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Where is da old lady with the tea In fire red?

inside a tall building in celadon city

In Pokemon fire red how do you get up stairs in the hotel in celadon city?

go to the back of the hotel and enter the door ( the door is in front of the red carpet)

What tms are at the celadon game corner in fire red?

Its a southwest from the celadon city Pokemon center you can't miss it its a red/blue building.

Where to find Giovanni in celadon city in fire red?

Giovani's in the basement of team rocket's hideout place. He's at the end of the building

How do you give the guards a drink in Pokemon fire red?

Get the tea from the tall building in celadon city, first floor, old lady

Pokemon FireRed where is safari zone?

In Pokemon fire red the safari zone is in fusha city. i will tell you how to get there: you get to celadon city and exit celadon city and take cycling road to route 18 and then you go through the big building and then you are in fusha city. after you arrive in fusha city, you go north [you have to cut some trees] and then you look for a tan color building and then that is it. you must pay $500

Where is the department store in pokemon fire red?

Celadon City

Where to get the rainbow badge in poke'mon fire red?

Celadon city.

Where is the fire stone in saffron city?

It's not in saffron city you can buy fire stones at the celadon city dept store.

Where is gary in Silph Co in pokemon fire red?

in celadon city

How do you find water stone?

In fire red you can buy it at celadon city.

What town is the the department store in Pokemon fire red?

celadon city