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Get the tea from the tall building in celadon city, first floor, old lady

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Q: How do you give the guards a drink in Pokemon fire red?
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Where do you go to get the security some water in Pokemon?

In Pokemon red and blue version, go to the department store in celadon city, buy a drink from a vending machine, and give it to one of the guards around saffron city. They will share the drink with the other guards, and all will give you access. In fire red and leaf green, you follow a similar procedure, but instead of getting a drink from the vending machine, talk to the lady on the first floor of the Pokemon mansion (also in celadon city), and she will give you tea for you to give to the guards, instead.

Where do you get the guards a drink in Pokemon Red?

At Celedon City, go talk to the old lady in Celedon Mansion. She'll give you some hot tea and that's what you give to the guards.

How do you get past the guards that are thirsty in Pokemon fire red?

got to the mega mart by 5 drinks on the top floor in the machine then go to them and they will talk and then they will have the drink and now you can walk through Edit: Or just talk to the old lady in the Pokemon Mansion in Celdon she will give a hot tea drink.

Where do you get the drink for a guard on Pokemon Yellow?

In celadon city at the top floor in the big mall there is a vending machine, give it to a guard and he will share the drink with all the other guards so you can go through these guards now

Where do you go for the drink for the dude to get to saffron city?

In Celadon City, at the Gamefreak headquarters building. On the first floor there is an old lady surrounded by pokemon. Talk to her and she will give you tea, which you can give to the guards to get to Saffron

How do you get through the closed roads in Pokemon Blue?

Give the guards a drink. No, seriously. You use the underground passages to get to Celadon then go to the roof of the department store and buy a drink off the vending machine. Doesn't matter which one. Then you give it to any of the thirsty guards and they'll share it with their fellows and then you should be able to get through all of the closed roads.

Where to get tea to pass the guards in Pokemon fire red version?

In Celadon City you need to go into the Celadon Mansion (Front Door) and talk to the little old lady babysitting the Pokemon. She will give you the tea.

What lives if you feed it but dies if you give it a drink?

Fire If you feed the fire sticks and twigs it lives If you give fire a drink like water it dies

How do you get in safron city in Pokemon Yellow?

To get into Saffron City, you must give the guards surrounding the town something to drink. The drinks can be obtained from vending machines at the top of the large Poke-Mart in Celadon City.

What do you give the dude that says hes thirsty on Pokemon diamond on rout 218?

You can not give anything to the policeman who says he's thirsty to drink on Route 218. This is a reference to guards who said the same thing in Pokémon Red and Blue.

What feed you and live give you a drink and you die?


What is feed you and you live give you a drink you die?