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There is no rock climb in pokemon saphire, but there is a rock climb in pokemon diamond and pearl.

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Q: Where can you learn rockclimb on Pokemon Sapphire?
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Where can you find HM Rockclimb in Pokemon FireRed?

You can't. Rockclimb wasn't in those games. HM Climb can be obtained on Pokemon Ruby, Emerald or Sapphire and later games.

What type of Pokemon do you need to teach rockclimb to?

Any Pokemon you want, most normal types and rock type Pokemon can learn that move.

How do you use rockclimb?

you teach it to a Pokemon then you go to a scale and use rockclimb

Pokemon Sapphire who can learn flash?

The following Pokemon that you can easily get to learn Flash in Sapphire: Beautifly or Dustox Lotad or Lombre Oddish Gloom

Where can you learn dracometeor on diamond?

Go the Celestic Town. Make sure your Pokemon have Rockclimb and Defog. Go roght until you find the path the can be rockclimbed. Go rockclimb it and go into the house and the woman will teach dracometeor to any dragon Pokemon.

Can swellow learn zap cannon on Pokemon Sapphire?


Does Metagross learn earthquake in Pokemon sapphire?

It can learn it via the TM but not by level.

PokΓ©mon sapphire klone PokΓ©mon?

You can only clone Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald. Not Sapphire and Ruby. To learn how to do it, search it up for a guide.

In Pokemon sapphire does Kyogre learn tsunami at level 80?


When can you get the ferry in slateport on sapphire Pokemon?

When you learn to use the force.

Can camerupt in Pokemon sapphire learn fissure?

yes,camerupt will learn fissure it will learn it at Lv.55

What Pokemon can learn surf on sapphire?

Any water Pokemon besides magikarp and also linoone can learn surf as well.