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When you learn to use the force.

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Q: When can you get the ferry in slateport on sapphire Pokemon?
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Do you go the the battle tower after beating the elite four in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire?

You can from the ferry in slateport or the other one with a ferryboat dock after they're beaten.

Where is the ferry dock in Pokemon emerald?

In Slateport and in Lilycove

Where is the name rater in Pokemon sapphire?

in slateport Dummy

Where is the name writer in Pokemon sapphire?

Slateport city.

Where can you find the submarine Pokemon Sapphire?

Go back to Slateport town. Inside the ferry building, you will find captain stern and the submarine being robbed by Team Aqua.

Where is the nickname man on Pokemon Sapphire?

The Name Rater is in Slateport City, in the building to the left of the Pokemon Center.

Where is the trickmaster in Pokemon sapphire?

Like ruby and sapphire, it is north of slateport city, south of mauville city. Easier to reach from slateport city.

How do you get into the slateport muesum on Pokemon sapphire?

pay 50 money to get in.

Where can you get a harbor mail in sapphire?

slateport city Pokemon mart

Where is the name rater house in Pokemon sapphire?

its in slateport below the Pokemon contest buliding

Where is the name rater in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire?

In Slateport City, to the left of the Pokemon center.

How do you get a block-case in Pokemon Sapphire?

You get it from the little girl in slateport city