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You can't. Rockclimb wasn't in those games. HM Climb can be obtained on Pokemon Ruby, Emerald or Sapphire and later games.

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Q: Where can you find HM Rockclimb in Pokemon FireRed?
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HM dive Pokemon FireRed?

The short answer is no. There is no Dive, HM 08, in Pokemon FireRed.

How do you get the move HM rockclimb in Pokemon diamond?

go to route 217.

How many hm are in Pokemon FireRed?

Their are 7 HM's available in Firered.

How do you get HM rockclimb in Pokemon diamond?

behind a house on the way to snowpoint city

Where do you get the HM dive in Pokemon FireRed?

there's no hm dive in that means you can't find it.but you can find it in Pokemon ruby,sapphire,emerald and more.

How do you get HMrockclimb in Pokemon diamond?

take the ruote to snowpoint and look behind all the houses in the snow you will find a pokeball containing HM rockclimb

How do you catch HM 8 on Pokemon FireRed?

You cannot get it in Pokemon FireRed. It doesn't matter because it is not necessary in Pokemon FireRed.

Where do you find the hm surf in the Pokemon LeafGreen firered?

In the safari zone at fuchsia city.

Where is the hm rockclimb in pokemon heartgold?

You get it from professor oak after you obtain all 16 gym badges

Where can you get rockclimb on Pokemon pearl?

lon your way to snowpoint city, there is a house and inside is a man...if you talk to him he will tell you that he lost hm rockclimb outside his house becaus of all the snow, and if you look around his house you should find it

Where can you find the move Rock Climb in your bag after you defeat Candice in Pokemon platinum?

you can find it in your bag where all your tms are.All the hms like rockclimb are under the tms.You can find hm rockclimb before you enter snowpoint city and after you get out of mount cornet it's in between there.

Where do you get the hm rockclimb?

you find the rock climb hm somewhere in the sinnoh region..... now aren't i clever everyone