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The following Pokemon that you can easily get to learn Flash in Sapphire:

Beautifly or Dustox

Lotad or Lombre

Oddish Gloom

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Q: Pokemon Sapphire who can learn flash?
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What Pokemon can learn flash in sapphire?

Find an Abra to give flash in the cave in dewford.

Which Pokemon in Dewford Cave can learn HM Flash in Pokemon Sapphire?

Of the seven pokemon available in Granite Cave, the cave northwest of Dewford Town, only Abra and Sableye can learn HM05 Flash.

What Pokemon can learn flash and rock smash in Pokemon sapphire?

Nincada is a fantastic Pokemon to use these moves on. Not only can it learn Flash and Rock Smash, but also Cut, Dig, and Secret Power which are all moves that are required later on.

Can zubat learns flash in sapphire?

No, Zubat cannot learn Flash.

What Pokemon can learn flash in platinum?

all the Pokemon on dimmond that can learn flash can still learn flash in the platinum game too

What kind of Pokemon can learn flash?

Most electric type Pokemon can learn flash.

Can zwurmple learn flash Pokemon ruby?

No wurmple can not learn flash

In Pokemon Diamond what Pokemon can learn flash?

In Pokemon diamond many Pokemon can learn flash for eg. Electric Pokemon such as Pachurisu Pichu and Luxray all (eveloutions) and yeah just experiment and see what can learn flash!

Where do you get flash in Pokemon sapphire?

go to a man in purple in a cave.

What Pokemon can learn flash in Pokemon gold?

Most electric types can learn flash like voltorb and magnemite.

What Pokemon can learn flash in Pokemon HeartGold?

Any Pokemon that can learn a electric move

What Pokemon can use the hm flash in Pokemon Sapphire?

there are many MANY Pokemon that can use the hm flash in Pokemon sapphire. the following Pokemon can: grovile( treeko),kirlia(ralts)shroomish, eletrike, Roselia, plusle, munun, magnemite, voltorb and many more