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for low level accounts 20+ hill giants are good, and for around 50+ hobgobling on the crafting peninsula, or at godwars in the bandos area(not the got room all tho they do drop 5 limps noted)

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Q: Where can you get limpwurt roots on RuneScape?
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How often do limpwurt roots get dropped in runescape?

Quite often if you fight giants.

What is the best f2p item in runescape to merchant?

Merchant Limpwurt roots, dropped by Hobgoblins.

What is limpwurt root ID number on runescape?

limpwurt root id: 225

What do you do with limpwurt roots on RuneScape?

they are required for multiple quests and for making certain potions

How can you make 5mil in RuneScape?

You make money by mining, woodcutting, fishing, by killing creatures (for example cows), by picking up other things (for example, limpwurt roots). You can also make money on the Grand Exchange (buy, and try to sell at a higher price); this can give you high profit, but it is risky.

I am a level 28 on RuneScape. What should i fight to get my level higher quickly?

It depends on your combat stats but fighting level 8 cockroaches would be good as they have 11 hitpoints. They will also drop items such as runes, bronze weapons/armour, gems (including uncut diamonds), coins and even limpwurt roots. Hope this has helped, XweaselX

What level are the Hill Giants in Runescape?

The Hill Giants are level 28. You can access them by obtaining a Brass Key(You can buy them at the Grand Exchange.). They always drop Big Bones when they die, which you can sell for a high price. They also sometimes drop Limpwurt Roots, Gems, Coins, Iron Armor/Weapons, and Beer. Their max hit is 4.

How do you make free RuneScape money?

A quick, easy, and effective way of making money is fighting Hill Giants. They are located west of the Grand Exchange, near the Barbarian Village. You will need a brass key to enter. They commonly drop runes, limpwurt roots, and bones. Either you can use the bones for Prayer experience, or sell them for a good profit.

Runescape wiche non member monsters drop good items to wear and to sell?

hobgoblins (lvl 42) drop limpwurt roots which sell well no matter what the economy is like. hill giants (lvl 28) drop big bones, when buried, give the player 15 prayer experience, or when sold, sell for around 580 gp.

What is a good way to make gold in Runescape?

I always go down to the hill giants dungeon(u will need a brass key) where I kill the hill giants. They have pretty good drops for example big bones ( worth about 500gp),limpwurt roots(worth about 700gp) But I also recommend you to have a combat level of 20 or up! Otherwise u may get killed!

Where can you find limpwurt root in runescape?

You could either buy it from G.E. or obtain one under the house where Those giants live.

What are some good things you can buy on runescape?

some good things you can buy on runscape, are the armours and weopons, party hats, and more... to find where to buy this kind of stuff go to grand exchange... if you dont have enough money cut yews and sell in g.e(grand exchange), fight hill giants and sell there bbones and limpwurt roots, mine, and more... i have a question for you... why are you asking this question?