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You could either buy it from G.E. or obtain one under the house where Those giants live.

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Go to Edgeville Dungeon and where the hill giants are there are 3 located down there...or kill them for it..

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Q: Where can you find limpwurt root in runescape?
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What is limpwurt root ID number on runescape?

limpwurt root id: 225

How often do limpwurt roots get dropped in runescape?

Quite often if you fight giants.

How many ways are there to get a limpwart root on runescape?

There are 2 ways to get a limpwurt root. You can either kill monsters, or buy them from players. Probably the best monsters to get these from would be Hill Giants(28) or Hobgoblins(32) Hope this helps!

What is the best f2p item in runescape to merchant?

Merchant Limpwurt roots, dropped by Hobgoblins.

How do you make tarromin potion in RuneScape?

1. Clean a grimy Tarromin (or buy a clean one) 2. Use the Clean Tarromin on a Vial of Water 3. You're done P.S. You probably want to use a limpwurt root on the Tarromin potion to make it into a Strength Potion after that.

Where can you find limpwrut root in runescape for free?

kill hill giants till they drop it

What do hill giants drop in RuneScape?

hill giants can drop many things including some armor and weapons (iron and steel), seeds, herbs, charms, runes, and just some random other things like beer, limpwurt root, body talismans, and spin tickets.

What do you do with limpwurt roots on RuneScape?

they are required for multiple quests and for making certain potions

Where can you get limpwurt roots on RuneScape?

for low level accounts 20+ hill giants are good, and for around 50+ hobgobling on the crafting peninsula, or at godwars in the bandos area(not the got room all tho they do drop 5 limps noted)

Where can you find spinebeam trees in RuneScape?

you can find sinebeam trees in Daemonheim on runescape

What is a good popular game if you like RuneScape?

If you like RuneScape, then you will find RuneScape a good and popular game.

Where do you find mithril in gates of andaron?

this is not runescape. Mithril is only on runescape.=/