When did Runescape come out?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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RuneScape Classic: 2001

RuneScape 2: 2004

RuneScape HD: 2008

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Q: When did Runescape come out?
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How come it takes long for runescape to go on to the login screen?

Because the runescape servers hold a lot of data.

How do you recover account on RuneScape?

if you go to the runescape homepage and type in the small search engine located at the top, type in recover account, and it will come up with a list of options, good luck :)

Is there a runescape 2?

There is currently a Runescape 2 and it is a popular MMORPG. You can play it at the website It is a F2P (Free to play) and P2P (Pay to play). There was originally Runescape 2, but they renamed runescape 1 "Runescape Classic" and named runescape 2 just "runescape". Runescape classic is runescape 1. Runescape is runescape 2, but they dont call it 2, well most people dont, they just call it runescape. Ricco119

When does RuneScape 3 come out?

Runescape 3 won't be coming out, there are fake sites for it though, but they are the same as Runescape 2 and they contain Key loggers and stuff, so be safe, stick with Runescape 2 and classic. Edit by English: RuneScape 3 (as said above) will not be coming out. JaGex has said this multiple times. However, a new game called MechScape has been mentioned recently, and it is supposed to be similar in an RPG style game, but JaGex clearly stated that it will take place more into the 'future' (rather than the RuneScape ages).

How come everytime I run runescape about 10 seconds after I have logged in my monitor goes into sleep mode and won't wake up?

Maybe your monitor isn't connected properly, or if that's not the case, you are playing Runescape with Too-High detail.

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Where does the silver ore come from?

It can be mined throughout Runescape.

When does TehNoobShow come out on RuneScape?

Reasons to believe, it already has.

How come it takes long for runescape to go on to the login screen?

Because the runescape servers hold a lot of data.

When does the Runescape 2009 Halloween event come out?

26th of 20149 ad!!!!

Where do all the parts of the mask come from catacombs in runescape?

Answer is in link below.

When will 2011 2012 runescape Christmas holidany event come out?


Do RuneScape come from Germany?

No, JaGex, who make the game, are located in England.

Where is the grave digger event in runescape?

You don't locate it, it will come to you when it's ready.

When did runescape come out with dragoneering?

12 April 2010. Two days back

Where can you get wheat in RuneScape?

Draynor, Lumbridge, Come on man... Its pretty obvious. :P

How come every time you get on runescape it lets you log on to your account and then as soon as you log on it exits the page?

because you probably dont have the system requirments to run runescape

What is the RuneScape 2 website?

runescape 2? well... if you're saying runescape classic is the first one then i guess runescape 2 would be : ). If someone tells you "runescape 2 has just come out! go to (random site) to start playing!" just report them and move on they are probably trying to steal your account. hope that helps : ).