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Because the runescape servers hold a lot of data.

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Q: How come it takes long for runescape to go on to the login screen?
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Where do you put moshi monsters member codes?

Go to the login screen, login and tick the "I have a secret code" box, when login it will come up with iggy, in the top right corner there is a button, click it and you an enter your code, thank you.

How come it takes a while to catch a gecko in runescape?

Becuase sometimes in life, Things just suck.

When did Runescape come out?

RuneScape Classic: 2001 RuneScape 2: 2004 RuneScape HD: 2008

The login screen won't come up in FlyFF when I want to play what can I do?

The exact cause of this can be many things best thing I suggest is completely removing any trace of flyff and reinstalling it.

How come your login won't work?

i dont know my impressive title login wont work i tryed to login and it says error: you must login before accesing this forum.

What happens when we boot up to Linux?

Just like any OS - it would come up with a boot animation (and/or an accompanying terminal display showing what is starting up), and if it has a graphical interface, it would boot into the login screen.

Does twilight come out in full screen?

No. It will only come out on wide screen.

How do you get the tops of the houses to be gone on Runescape So when you are walking around you can see in the houses?

Don't waste your life on Runescape. but this is how you do it... 1. First you log in to you account,then go on the settings screen 2. You click on the TV button, and click the CUSTOM button 3. At the bottom of the settings screen click on the arrow that is to the right of the " Remove Roofs " option and TWO options will come up ( '''Selectively''' ) and ( Always ). Now choose '''Always . .:l:.'''

When does TehNoobShow come out on RuneScape?

Reasons to believe, it already has.

Where does the silver ore come from?

It can be mined throughout Runescape.

How do you create yahoo mail account?

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When you press login on webkinz world it will not let you login?

To log in on any members website you need a login name and password. You can not login if not a member. Click on 'Not a member yet sign up' enter mandatory details and accept terms and conditions. Activation link will come to your mailbox.