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Insert leafgreen into GBA slot, then go to route 209 after you get the national pokedex.

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Q: Where can you find vulpix in Pokemon pearl?
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How can you find vulpix easier in Pokemon pearl?

There is only one known way to find Vulpix in Pokemon Pearl. To make Vulpix appear you need a copy of Pokemon LeafGreen in the GBA slot of the DS. While Pokemon LeafGreen is in the GBA slot Vulpix should start to appear on Route 209.

On Pokemon pearl how do you evolve a vulpix?

You use a fire stone on the vulpix

Where can you find Vulpix in Pokemon Diamond?

it doesnt show it in pkmn diamond, but in pkmn pearl

Where can you get a vulpix in Pokemon pearl?

In route 201

Who wants to trade a Vulpix in Pokemon Pearl?

i do!

Where do you get a vulpix in Pokemon indigo?

where to find a vulpix on pokemon UNOVARPG

What Pokemon evolve from a fire stone on Pokemon pearl?


How do you evolve vulpix in Pokemon pearl?

use a fire stone

How can you get a nintailes in Pokemon pearl?

Get a Vulpix and use Fire Stone on it!

How do get a ninetails in Pokemon Pearl?

To obtain a Ninetails you have to get a Vulpix from a girl named Heather. Then you have to give Vulpix a firestone.

Where do i find a vulpix on Pokemon Red?

Vulpix is only in Pokemon Blue. Sorry :(

Where to find a vulpix in Pokemon FireRed?

If you insert Pokemon LeafGreen into the GameBoy Advance Game Slot on your Nintendo DS before playing Pokemon Pearl, Vulpix will appear on Route 209 in Pokemon Pearl. Or, you can catch it in Ruby - Route 122 - Mt. Pyre. Fly to Lilycove and just surf to Mt.Pyre, enter and go up until you reach the outside. There its grass where Vulpix is. Its not very rare, take 10min looking for it and youll get one. THEN you migrate it to Pearl/diamond. If you don't know how to migrate, just search for "how to migrate Pokemon pearl" on Google youll find answer easy. Hope I helped. In LeafGreen you can find it in the Pokemon Mansion on cinnabar island.