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Pallette Town with the Super Rod.

(Yes, you need the Super Rod in Fire Red.)

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Q: Where can you find shellder in Pokemon FireRed?
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Can you find a shelder in Pokemon LeafGreen?

I know firered can, if you seen a shellder look at it on your pokedex and check its area if it says unkown you will HAVE to trade a shellder to leafgreen from firered.

Who is shellder in Pokemon FireRed?

a piece of cheese

How do you get a shellder in Pokemon emerald?

You wil have to trade with FireRed or XD.

Where is cloyster in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Cloyster can only be obtained through evolving Shellder. Shellder is a FireRed-exclusive Pokemon in Generation III.

Where are Shellder in Pokemon?

Shellder can be found in firered and leafgreen either you fish for one or look in seafoam islands.

Pokemon FireRed Shellder?

Use a good rod in seafoam islands.

In what Pokemon games may you catch a shellder?

You can catch shellder in Pokemon red, blue, yellow, gold, silver, crystal, FireRed, XD, diamond, and pearl.

What Pokemon evolve with a water stone in Pokemon FireRed?

Poliwhirl → Poliwrath, Shellder → Cloyster, Staryu → Starmie and Eevee → Vaporeon

Where do you get cloyster in Pokemon LeafGreen?

u hau have to trade a shellder from firered and then evolve it w/ a water stone.

Where do you find a shellder in Pokemon pearl?


Were do you find shellder in Pokemon perl?

in route 201

What Pokemon can you evolve with a waterstone in Pokemon ruby?

lombrea, evee, poliwhirl, shellder, and staryu. some of these can only be found in firered and leafgreen so you will need to trade. that's all I can think of.