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You cant find it in Firered only leafgreen.

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Q: Where can you find a sandslash in Pokemon FireRed?
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Were do you catch Sandslash in Pokemon FireRed?


Where can you catch sandslash in Pokemon FireRed?

Sandslash evolves from sandshrew.

Where can you find some of your missing Pokemon in firered?

Ther is some Pokemon like magmar, pincir and sandslash that you can't catch in Pokemon fire red, you must trade them from another game.

Where do you find sandslash on Pokemon Diamond?

Im sorry, but Sandslash can only be found in Pokemon diamond. But u can trade for him with wi fi!;D Sorry...

Where can you find sandshrew in Pokemon White?

You need to breed sandslash

Where do you find a sandslash in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can't you have to evolve a sandshrew

Where to find sandslash in Pokemon platinium?

The only place to catch a wild Sandslash in Platinium is Route 228 using the Dual-Slot Mode with the game PokeMon Leaf Green.

When does sandslash evolve in Pokemon emerald?

sandslash doesn't evolve

Where do you find sandslash in Pokemon indigo?

You'll need to evolve Sandshrew or trade for it.

On Pokemon FireRed how do you find staryus?

Staryu is a water type Pokemon. In Pokemon FireRed, it is possible to find lots of Staryus in the Seafoam Islands.

Where do you find a piloswine in Pokemon FireRed?

You cannot find Piloswine in the wild on Pokemon FireRed. You can find it's pre-evolved form Swinub in Icefall Cave on Floe Island in the Sevii Islands of Pokemon FireRed.

Where do you find sudowood in Pokemon FireRed?

It's not possible to find Sudowoodo in Pokemon FireRed. You will need to trade for one from a Pokemon Emerald game-save.