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Join the Pokemon bug contest in the park above goldenrod you get the everstone when you become second so catch a pinsir or scyther at level 13 or some like that

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Q: Where can you find an everstone in Pokemon gold and silver?
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What Pokemon does Bill's grandpa want to see in Pokemon Silver?

In order of how he wants to see them (based on Heart Gold and Soul Silver): Gold/Heart Gold: Oddish - Leaf Stone Growlithe - Fire Stone Pichu - Thunderstone Jigglypuff - Everstone Marill - Water Stone Silver/Soul Silver: Lickitung - Everstone Oddish - Leaf Stone Staryu - Water Stone Vulpix - Fire Stone Pichu - Thunderstone

On Pokemon Gold can you make sure a Pokemon doesn't evolve?

If you do not want a Pokemon to evolve on Gold or Silver, just keep pressing the "B" button once the screen changes from "What? So-and-so is evolving?" to where it shows the Pokemon changing. Alternately, you can give a Pokemon an Everstone. You get Everstones almost anywhere, but the easiest way to get one is in the Bug Catching contest: get second place and you get an Everstone. Also, Bill's grandfather north of Cerulean will give you an Everstone the first time you show him a Pokemon (which is Lickitung for Gold, Silver, and Crystal). you can either give the pokemon the everstone which you get from prof. elm when you take togepi back to him, or just keep pressing b when it trys to evolve.

Where do you find moltres in Pokemon Gold?

In Mount Silver

Where to find larvitar in Pokemon Gold?

Mt Silver.

Is Pokemon Gold Version better than Silver Version?

no they both have different names and Pokemon gold you can eaisly find a caterpie and you can find one gold caterpie=gold metapod=pink butter free and silver you can find a silver weedle=silver kakuna = some colored beedrill.

Where can you find mushrooms in Pokemon gold and silver?

route 14

Pokemon Crystal how to find mareep?

trade it from silver, gold :(

On Pokemon soul silver version were do you find the golden feather?

pokemon heart gold

Where can you find info on Pokemon HeartGold?

you can find information on Pokemon heart gold and soul silver on this website

Where do you find spinirak in Pokemon Silver?

Spinirak is gold only, you can get Ledyba and Ledian in Silver, however.

What color apercorn is the gs ball in Pokemon Silver?

its the silver apercorn in Pokemon silver and its the gold apercorn in Pokemon gold

Where do you find a Pikachu?

In Pokemon Heartgold or gold and soulsilver or silver you can find it in viridian forest.