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There is no HM Dive in either Pokemon Silver/Gold or Heartgold/SoulSilver. It is exclusive to the Hoenn games.

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Q: Where to find the hm dive in Pokemon Silver?
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Were do you find hm 8 dive on pokemon LeafGreen?

There's no Dive HM on Pokemon Leaf Green.

Where do you get the HM dive in Pokemon FireRed?

there's no hm dive in that means you can't find it.but you can find it in Pokemon ruby,sapphire,emerald and more.

Where can you find dive on Pokemon Diamond version?

There is no HM called dive in Pokemon Diamond you fat oaf.

How do you get hm dive on Pokemon Diamond?

The HM dive cannot be acquired in Pokemon diamond.

HM dive Pokemon FireRed?

The short answer is no. There is no Dive, HM 08, in Pokemon FireRed.

Where to find hm dive in pokemon black?

Undella Town.

Where do you find the HM dive in Pokemon white?

In Undella Town

Where do you find all the dive HM in Pokemon diamond version?

there is no dive HM in DP but the water related ones are surf and waterfall

How do you Find Dive Pokemon X?

Dive is no longer a TM or a HM in Pokemon X/Y. You'll have to have a Pokemon learn it naturally.

How do you find dive in Pokemon sapphire?

The HM Dive is given by steven at his house in mossdeep city.

What till do you find the HMdive in Pokemon Pearl?

HM Dive does not exists in Pokemon Pearl.

How do you unlock silver trench?

first when you recruit the three legendary birds you talk to alakazam and then visit the birds. after that you should be able to access silver trench. a Pokemon needs to know dive or you have to have hm dive with you(it is less risky to just have a Pokemon that knows it then to risk losing the hm dive) that's it