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You cannot catch level 100 Pokémon, but you can battle them at the battle frontier.

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Q: Where can you find a level 100 Pokemon on Pokemon platinum?
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How can you find a leveil 100?

You train your Pokemon to lvl 100 or you can find some at the battle frontier in the place where you rent Pokemon and select open level in Pokemon platinum

What level is the hiest on Pokemon platinum?

Level 100

What is the last level in Pokemon platinum?


What is the best Pokemon level 100 on Pokemon platinum?


Where to find redgisteel on Pokemon Platinum?

To get Registeel on Pokemon Platinum, you have to have received a Level 100 Regigigas from a giveaway event. Put it in your party, then you go to Iron island B3F.

What is the Pokemon that is in the resort area in Pokemon platinum?

It's a level 100 Magikarp.

What is the best Pokemon level 100 no legendaries platinum?

it is scisor

All level 100 Pokemon that are legendary from every in Pokemon platinum?

What are you trying to ask?

What level is arcus at in Pokemon platinum?

you can get arceus at level 80 in platinum by getting a 100 win streak in the battle tower.

How do you get your Pokemon level 200 n Pokemon platinum?

Sorry you can only get to level 100 anything above that is illegitimate

What level does Arceus learn Judgment in Pokemon Platinum?

Arceus learns Judgment at Level 100 in Pokémon Platinum.

What is the cheat for 10 shiny legendary Pokemon all level 100 for Pokemon platinum?