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I can only give you a code that has any Pokemon you want lv. 100.

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Q: Pokemon platinum code level 99 Pokemon?
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On Pokemon platinum does Empoleon turn to level x?

No, it goes up to Level 99.

In Pokemon platinum version how do you defeat barry?

use ur own strategys or get action replay and do the level 99 code no won mention it lately....... all wild pokmn will be on level 99 no matter wat place ur at

Code to catch Pokemon at level 99 on Pokemon pearl?

999999 9999999

What is the level 99 code for Pokemon diamond?

How do you get level 99 Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

You cannot catch level 99 pokemon. You have to catch them and level them up yourself.

What is the pass code orb 2 level 99?

i think its 65617 :) (-o-) Pokemon RULES!

How much is Pokemon platinum at Gamestop?


Code for Pokemon lv 99 Pokemon diamond?

There is no code.

What level does lugia learn sky attack?

In Platinum, Level 99.

Ar code for platinum 99 masterballs?


Where can you catch lvl 99 Pokemon in platinum?

u cant

What is the action replay code to have 99 shards in platinum?