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It's a level 100 Magikarp.

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Q: What is the Pokemon that is in the resort area in Pokemon platinum?
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What is the point of the Vila In Pokemon platinum?

In The Resort Area

Where to find pinsir in Pokemon platinum?

The Resort Area

Where you get your villa in Pokemon platinum?

Your villa is in the resort area

What is hidden in the Resort Area in Pokemon Platinum?

the best Pokemon is a lv100 magikarp

Where do you find buck in Pokemon platinum?

you go to the resort area

Where can i dig up a waterstone in Pokemon platinum I was told underneath the resort area but I have yet to find one?

Yes, you can dig up a waterstone in Pokemon platinum underneath the resort area.

How do you unlock the home in the resort area on Pokemon diamond?

You can't only in Pokemon Platinum unfourtunatly.

Where do you catch a banette in Pokemon platinum?

you catch banette at the fight area, resort area or survival area

What is the monster in the lake in Resort Area in Pokemon platinum?

It is a level 100 magikarp.

Where do you find 52 in Pokemon platinum?

you can get 52 in the Eterna forest and in the resort area

How do you get an apartment in Pokemon Platinum version?

You get it the first time you go to the resort area.

Pokemon Platinum the resort Pokemon?

If you mean Resort Area, Surfing is Goducks, and magicarps from Lv1 to Lv56