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route 228 is near the resort area on the big island.

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Q: Where is route 228 in Pokemon platinum?
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How do you get to route 228 in Pokemon platinum?

In Pokemon Platinum, the player can reach Route 228 by heading through Route 226 to come out on the north end of Route 228.

Where is hippowdon in Pokemon platinum?

Route 228

Where is the secret entrance for regirock on Pokemon platinum?

it is in route 228.

Where can you catch a dug trio on Pokemon platinum?

Dugtrio can be found on Route 228 in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

Where can you get Vibrava in Pokemon Platinum?

You can find it at route 228 with the poke radar

Where do u get a shiny stone in Pokemon platinum?

In Iron Island and Route 228.

Where do you get sandslash on platinum?

You go to route 228 after you get the national pokedex and migrate Pokemon from leafgreen

How do you get to Cyrus's Grandfather's house on route 228 in Pokemon Platinum?

beside the ribbon house

How did you get a protector on Pokemon platinum?

In Pokemon Platinum, a Protector can be found in Route 228 and on Iron Island in the basement floor one of the left cave.

Pokemon platinum where is route 228?

above the resort area which you unlock by getting the sinnoh dex

How do you catch regirock in Pokemon platinum?

You will find Regirock at rock peak ruins route 228.

Pokemon platinum how to get a shiny stone?

You can find shiny stones on route 228 and Iron island