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You will find Regirock at rock peak ruins route 228.

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Q: How do you catch regirock in Pokemon platinum?
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What day do you catch Regirock in Pokemon Platinum?

You don't . It's a Pokemon you can only get from transferring it

How do you catch Regirock on Pokemon Platinum?

u have to migrate them from ruby Sapphire emerald

When can you get regirock in Pokemon platinum?

you import it from em/ruby/saph and catch it in pal park

How can you catch ragigice in Pokemon Platinum?

you cannot catch any regis in platinum you have to migrate them or trade for them but if you get regirock, regice, and registeel on platinum then you will be able to catch regigagas at level1 in the snow temple

How do you catch regirock regice and registeel in Pokemon platinum?

yes but only through the special Nintendo event

Where is regirock in Pokemon Platinum?

you can not catch him you have to migrate him from Pokemon emerald, Sapphire, or rubyActually you can catch him on platinum and platinum only. you can find him in the sandstorm place in a cave somewhere after you defeat the elite four.Regirock can be captured in the Rock Peak Ruins on Route 228.

How do you get Regirock in Pokemon platnom?

to get regirock in Pokemon platinum, you have to upload it from ruby, Sapphire, or emerald.

How do you catch regirock on platinum?

they have videos on youyube of how to do it

Where is regirock in diamond platinum and HeartGold?

its only in pokemon platinum

Do you have to get the regigigas from Toys R Us to be able to catch regice regirock and registeel in Pokemon platinum?

Yes, that is the only way.

Can you catch regice regirock registeel on platinum after getting regigigas to level 100 that you catched it on pokemon platinum?

No; you cannot catch the three Regis in Platinum, UNLESS you have obtained a special Regigigas through some special events.

Can you catch regirock on Pokemon platinum?

no u cuz u r doggy wof wof lol bow before me dog