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you must catch regice,regirock, and registeel

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Q: How you unlock Pokemon Regis in Pokemon Hoenn?
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Can you get the three regis in FireRed?

No you cannot get the regis nor any hoenn Pokemon all must be traded to you from ruby, sapphire and emerald.

What is Braille in emerald Pokemon?

it tells you how to unlock the regis

How do you unlock the Hoenn region in Pokemon heardgold?

you can't... bad luck!

How do you unlock hoenn region in heargold?

You can't but if you check the Pokemon Music Channel (on Wednesdays ONLY) you might find some Pokemon from the Hoenn Region...

What Pokemon do you need to unlock the Hoenn region in heartgold and soulsilver ds?

You can't.

Is there 2 region in Pokemon Emerald?

hoenn region.

Pokemon emerald how to unlock regirocks tomb?

do the thing to open the other regis do the thing to open the other regis

Where do you get all the regis in Pokemon diaMOND?

u import them from the hoenn games and catch regigigas in snowpoint temple after national pokedex

Is there a cheat to unlock the three regis caves in Pokemon platinum?

i bleve so

What is the regis second name?

the regis second name is the three golems of hoenn

How do you get into the tomb in Pokemon?

first you have to unlock the regis. then go to 120 and you will find it and registeel is inside

What do you unlock after you defeat red on Pokemon soulsilver?

You get a Kanto starter, unlock Groudon and Kyogre, if you go to Silph Co you get a Hoenn starter, and I think that's it.