Where are all 8 badges?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Easy! They are in the gyms of Johto.

Falkner: First badge- Violet City= BIRD POKEMON

Bugsy: Second badge- Azalea Town= BUG POKEMON

Whitney: Third badge- Goldenrod City= NORMAL POKEMON

Morty: Fourth badge- Ecruteak City= GHOST POKEMON

Chuck: Fifth badge- Cianwood City= FIGHTING POKEMON

Jasmine: Sixth badge- Olivine City= STEEL POKEMON

Pryce: Seventh badge- Mahogany Town= ICE POKEMON

Clair: Eighth badge- Blackthorn City= DRAGON POKEMON

Except, you cannot get the Blackthorn badge until you get past the dragons den...

Elite four and the champion!

Elite four are found in Kanto, first you must get past Victory road then your at Indigo Plateau and THEN the Pokemon league, where the elite four are waiting for you.

Will: First Elite Four trainer= PSYCHIC POKEMON

Koga: Second Elite four trainer= POISON POKEMON

Bruno: Third Elite Four trainer= FIGHTING POKEMON

Karen: Fourth Elite Four Trainer= DARK POKEMON

Lance: Champion= DRAGON POKEMON

They are hard to beat. Ice Pokemon are very good on them, especially on Champion Lance.

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Q: Where are all 8 badges?
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