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no it wont

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Q: When you breed a Pokemon with Ditto will it always be the same gender?
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Does your Eevee have to be a boy to breed with Ditto?

no. ditto has no gender. when you leave a Pokemon alone with a ditto it transforms into the opposite gender as the other Pokemon

If you have a male Pokemon with a Ditto in the day care can it breed?

ditto can breed with any Pokemon no matter what gender exept legendarys.

What Pokemon do you breed with Venusaur?

breed it with a ditto or a venusaur of the opposite gender

Can you breed a male pokemon with a Ditto in pokemon emerald?

Yes. A gender doesn't matter when breeding with a ditto.

Do Pokemon need to be the same level to breed?

no as long they are the opposite gender or any gender can breed with with a ditto

Can two Ditto have a baby Ditto?

no because ditto are genderless but they can breed with any other Pokemon with a gender

Can Ditto breed on Pokemon Platinum with a male Pokemon as well as a female one?

ditto can breed with ANY Pokemon as long as it has a gender. (rare Pokemon are genderless, so u cant breed them. >.<)

How do you get your Pokemon to breed on Pokemon Platinum?

find a ditto. it can breed with any gender of kind of Pokemon except legendary.

How do you breed a Ditto?

It's very simple, all you have to do is go to a Day Care, put the Ditto in with the pokemon you want to breed with. The pokemon can be any gender.

Can you breed a mew in Pokemon?

Not to my knowledge but if you have emerald you can duplicate it. Mew is a legendary Pokemon that is not bredable. It does not have a gender either. you could always try a ditto.

Can you breed a Charizard and a Ditto?

Yes. When you breed them you will get Charmander. Ditto can breed with any Pokemon that has a gender (except some Pokemon like Latias) and it doesn't matter which egg group.Kyogre286

Pokemon sapphire What Pokemon will breed with Abra?

Another Abra of a different Gender or a Ditto.