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breed it with a ditto or a venusaur of the opposite gender

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Q: What Pokemon do you breed with Venusaur?
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Which Pokemon can breed with Venusaur exept Ditto in Pokemon Heartgold?


On Pokemon diamond what do you breed to get the Bulbasaur?

A female Venusaur and any grass or poison type male.

What is Venusaur?

Venusaur is a Pokemon. It is the last evolution of the Pokemon Bulbasaur.

What type is the Pokemon Venusaur?

Venusaur is a Grass/Poison-type Pokemon.

What type of Pokemon is venusaur?

Venusaur is a Grass and Poison type pokemon.

Can you breed a Level 100 Venusaur and a Articuno with all ice type attacks?

No you cannot breed with any of the legendary Pokemon even if you use ditto

Can a venusaur breed?

Of course. All it needs to do is have sex (Yummy!) with a female venusaur.

Can Venusaur breed with a slowpoke?

No it cannot.

How does Venusaur evolve?

Venusaur is the final evolution of the line beginning with Bulbasaur. Venusaur cannot evolve into another form. It can, however, breed (at the Pokemon Daycare) and produce an egg which will give you access to an earlier evolution. Venusaur can Mega Evolve into Mega Venusaur using the Venusaurite. Mega evolution, unlike regular evolution, is temporary, only happening during battle.

Is there anybody that has a Venusaur in Pokemon FireRed?

Yes your rival will if you choose squirtle, i have a venusaur.

How catch venusaur in Pokemon Blue version?

you cant catch venusaur in Pokemon blue you pick at the start of the game out of charmander bulbesaur and squirtle if you want venusaur you pick bulbesaur

How do you get Venusaur on Pokemon Diamond?

To get a Venusaur on Pokemon Diamond you have to get the National Pokedex and look for its area, if it's unknown then I don't know what to do.