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Q: When guitar player call their guitar an axe around other musicians they are using?
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When guitar players call their guitar an axe around other musicians they are using?


Was John Lennon a talented guitar player compared to other musicians of the time?


What other name can you call a guitar?

Musicians often refer to their instrument an an "axe."

Who plays bass guitar in Human Nature?

In boy bands, the focus is on the vocalists. No other musicians involved in the making of the music are credited, so there is no record of who their bass player is.

Is Scott a bad guitar player?

yes, but on the other hand yes

What does a modeling electric guitar mean?

I'm pretty sure that means that it models other guitar sounds. Its probably a reference to something like a Line 6 Variax guitar - it is programmed to be able to switch between tons of different guitar sounds. Look it up on musicians friend website, go to guitar center and try it out (if they have it).

Is it possible to buy a replica Epiphone guitar used by Zakk Wylde?

It is possible to buy a replica Epiphone guitar used by Zakk Wylde from Musicians Friend. It costs $699. One can also select colours and/or other options.

How can you make a wireless guitar for Guitar Hero 3 work on Guitar Hero 2?

You cant, the guitar for number 2 will work on number 3 but not the other way around. =]

What does a DS1 pedal do for a guitar player?

A DS1 pedal is a device that guitar players press down on with their foot. When they do this their guitar makes distorted noises and other sound effects.

What type of artist was Wes Montgomery?

Wes Montgomery was a musician who specialized in playing jazz guitar. He was very famous for his music and influenced many other musicians in his field.

What is the guitar players name in nevershoutnever?

he is the guitar player. Im pretty sure he has a guitar player on tour, but other than that he is what it is. what are you talking about?^ His name is Christofer Ingle. But most people call him Christofer Drew. (Drew is his middle name).

Can you play Guitar Hero games with rock band guitar and drums on PS3?

No, its the other way around. You can play guitar hero with rock band drums on the 360.

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