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Yes, a microphone can be used for Guitar Hero Legends of Rock in the same way it's used in other Guitar Hero games.

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Q: Can you use microphone for guitar hero legends of rock?
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Is Guitar Hero 3 the same as Guitar Hero legends of rock?

Yes, The full title of the game is "Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Is there a Guitar Hero for xbox?

Guitar Hero 2 Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock

Can you use the Guitar Hero III legends of rock guitar on Guitar Hero 5?


Do you have to use microphone to legends of rock guiter hero?

Yes you do

Is rock band microphone compatible with guitar hero?


Can you use the rock band guitar drums and microphone for Guitar Hero or band hero?

guitar hero, yes, band hero, sometimes.

Is ther going to be a Guitar Hero 4?

there have actually been 5 guitar hero games they are: guitar hero 1 guitar hero 2 guitar hero encore, rock the 80's guitar hero 3 legends of rock guitar hero aerosmith and the new one coming out october 26 2008 is: guitar hero world tour. wich is supposed to be like rock band, you have drums, a microphone bass, and guitar. and there have been rumors than you can create a song and character. its gonna be awesome!

What is the order of Guitar Hero games?

guitar hero 1, guitar hero 2, guitar hero:encore rock the 80s, guitar hero 3:legends of rock, guitar hero:van halen, guitar hero world tour, guitar hero 5, guitar hero: warriors of rock!

Can you use the rock band guitar for Guitar Hero legends of rock?

Yes. You can use the "Rock Band" guitar for any "Guitar Hero" game, and vice versa.

Are Guitar Hero world tour tracks compatible with Guitar Hero legends of rock?

no sorry

What is the name of Guitar Hero 3?

Legends of Rock

Can you use the game Guitar Hero with rock band?

a Guitar Hero guitar controller will work for Rock Band. You could also use the wire less Rock Band Guitar on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock