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It doesn't. You need to teach by TM

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Q: When does monferno learn flamethower?
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How does monferno learn double punch in Pokemon platnium?

you can't make monferno learn double punch

What level does cyndaquil learn flamethower in soul silver?

Level 41

What level does monferno learn flamewheel?


What level does flareon learn flamethower in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can teach flamethrower to flareon by using the TM.

When does chimchar learn Mach Punch?

At level 14 when it evoleves into monferno ________________________ I believe this is incorrect. I have a level 32 Monferno and it still hasn't learned mach punch. I believe it learns it when Monferno evolves into Infernape, but this is just a guess.

When does monferno learn dig?

Monferno does not learn the move dig by leveling up but you have to teach it the TM dig instead. You can find the TM in the ruin Maniac Cave (off of Route 214) Happy Pokemon Catching J.R.

What are the moves monferno will learn on Pokemon platinum?

all i know is mach punch and flame wheel and taunt

What level does chimchar know flamethrower?

Chimchar can only learn Flamethrower with a TM. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo chimchar learns flamethower on level 41 just don't evolve it

What level does Infernape learn Mach Punch?

Because the Pokemon Infernape is first obtainable at level 36 when Monferno evolves, its moveset for moves prior to level 36 must be learned prior to its evolution. Chimchar, its first evolution, does not learn Mach Punch, and must evolve to Monferno at level 14. It learns Mach Punch immediately upon evolving.

Who evoles into monferno?

Chimchar evoles into monferno

Why is Monferno called Monferno?

Monkey inferno.

Can your monferno get match punch if you evolved him at level 15?

no, it'll only learn at level 14, just when it evolves.