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No. Banishing a monster does not destroy it, unless specifically stated so. Dark Core banishes a monster but does not destroy it. But if Macro Cosmos is active, monsters who are destroyed, will also be banished.
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Q: When a monster is banished is it considered destroyed in Yu-Gi-Oh?
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In Yugioh what happens if your monster which is weaker attacks a monster that is stronger Do you lose life points and the monster is destroyed or is it just your life points?

Your monster is destroyed if the monster you attack is in attack position, and you lose life points.

In yugioh what happens if your monster attacks a monster with the same attack power?

Assuming the defending monster is also in attack position, both monsters will be destroyed.

Can a yugioh monster be destroyed if its attack is 0?

Yes. It will be destroyed by battle by anything that has an ATK of 1 or higher (A monster with 0 ATK cannot destroy another with 0 ATK even though they are equal and normally equal attacks mean mutual destruction.

What are some Yugioh monster cards that do damage to your opponent when destroyed?

The following monsters inflict damage to your opponent when destroyed. Some of these effects will depend on whether you or your opponent destroyed it and/or if it was destroyed in battle or by a card effect:AbakiEarthbound Immortal Aslla piscuBalloon LizardMecha-Dog MarronOxygeddon

Yugioh if you take control of a oppents monster and attack a monster stroger then it who takes the damage?

You do.

How many life points do monster cards get in yugioh?

Monster cards do not have life points and there is no concept of 'damaging' a monster card except for battle. In battle a monster either dies or it does not, there is no accumulating damage such as in Magic the Gathering. A monster can fight off an infinite amount of monsters that are weaker than it, but is destroyed if it battles with one of equal or greater power.

Which yugioh card could help you when you're about to lose?

monster reborn

What happens when you attack a defense position monster with the same DEF as your ATK in Yugioh?

When a monster attacks a defense position monster with DEF equal to to the attacking monster's ATK, no damage is inflicted to either player's Life Points and no monsters are destroyed in battle. Some monsters have effects that activate before or after they battle, so you must take those into account as well.

Name cards you need to make a yugioh deck?

magic trap and monster

What is the name of the monster with five dragon heads in yugioh?

Five-Headed Dragon.

How many tributes must be made for a level 10 monster in YuGiOh?

Unless the monster specifically says otherwise, it takes two tributes for a monster of Lv7+

Is there a level 4 normal dark monster in Yugioh?

yes its name is dark blade