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It was called iPilot and it was about Carly, Sam, and Freddie having to watch auditions, and then they saw a girl who could play the Trumpet while hopping on a pogo stick, so Freddie video-taped it. He didn't turn the video camera off after that, so he caught the girls talking about their teacher, Ms. Briggs. He accedenitlly posted the girls on the internet, and then Carly gets the idea to make a webshow. Sice it was her idea, the called it iCarly. I for internet, and Carly for Carly. It also shows them making their first webshow. The characters introduced were Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove), Samantha 'Sam' Puckett (Jennette McCurdy), Fredward 'Freddie' Benson (Nathan Kress), Spencer Shay (Jerry Trainor), Mrs. Marissa Benson(Mary Scheer), and Mrs. Francine Briggs (Mindy Sterling).

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Q: What was the first episode of iCarly?
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What was the very first 'iCarly' episode called?

The first episode of iCarly was "iPilot".

What was the first iCarly episode ever?

The first iCarly episode was iPilot aired September 8, 2007.

What was the name of the first epsidoe of iCarly?

Just search first episode of iCarly

When did the first episode of 'iCarly' air?

The first episode of Icarly, "iPilot" and "iWant more viewers",aired on September 8th, 2007.

What was the very first Icarly episode ever When did they make it?

The first iCarly episode is called iPilot. It aired on September 8, 2007.

Is you dream of dance the first iCarly episode?

No, its not. I think ipilot is the first episode.

What is the first episode of iCarly called?


Where can you find the first iCarly episode ever?

What day did iCarly premiere?

The first episode of iCarly (iPilot) premiered on September 8th 2007

What was the episode callled on icarly with the first lady?

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What is griffins first episode you iCarly?

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Is iquit iCarly the last episode ever?

No "iQuit iCarly" is not the last iCarly episode the last iCarly episode is titled "iGoodbye" and it had premiered on November 23, 2012.