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Cosmo first appears in episode 53, "A Cosmic Call".

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Q: Which episode of Sonic X did cosmo first appear?
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What sonic tv series does Amy rose first appear in?

Amy appeared in Sonic X episode 1, released in 2003.

What episode does Amy rose came in in Sonic the Hedgehog?

the first episode of sonic x

Which episode did sonic and Amy meet?

they never show but they show when sonic meets tails, but you can go to Google and go to videos and write how did sonic meet Amy and mabie they show ya.

What game did sonic first appear in?


What is the 1st episode of Sonic X with the Chaotix in it?

I do believe that the first episode they appear in is episode 39, "Defective Detectives", when they introduce themselves. It's a good episode, it really is, at least in my opinion, because Team Chaotix is my favortie team and has Espio, the best in Sonic X. ((just in my opinion.)) You might look Defective Detectives up on Wikipedia, unless you'd rather watch it first.

When does shadow come in sonic x?

Shadow first appears in episode 33 of Sonic X. Shadow makes his last appearance in episode 38 of Sonic X.

What episode did Elaine first appear in Seinfeld?

She was in the very first episode.

In what episode does Sonic meet Knuckles in Sonic X?

They are acuainted before the start of the series, as they know each other already in the first episode.

Does tails have a girlfriend?

Tails use to have a girlfriend called cosmo but she died, so no he doesnt have one Cosmo wasn't his girlfriend the potion made Cosmo and Tails in love but since Cosmo died he has to move on and go with Amy since he liked her first before he met Cosmo but Cosmo liked Tails Tails really likes Cosmo as a friend the potion just made Tails "love" Cosmo, those 2 aren't really in love but Cosmo really loves Tails

What is the first episode of Sonic X?

chaos control freaks

What came first sonic the drive in or the hedgehog?

Err... I guest Sonic was the first appear in 1991.

What episode does Amy save sonic from drowning?

In the first season ninth episode, Last Resort.