Does tails have a girlfriend

Updated: 9/7/2023
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Tails use to have a girlfriend called cosmo but she died, so no he doesnt have one

Cosmo wasn't his girlfriend the potion made Cosmo and Tails in love but since Cosmo died he has to move on and go with Amy since he liked her first before he met Cosmo but Cosmo liked Tails Tails really likes Cosmo as a friend the potion just made Tails "love" Cosmo, those 2 aren't really in love but Cosmo really loves Tails

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If Tails from Sonic (Atari) is a lesbian then we were clearly misinformed about her sexual feelings. Tails and Sonic were supposed to be together but that would clearly complicate things. There are not many other female characters in Sonic's comics or games.

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well for me I have a fan character Milia the fox

she is awesome so yeah and for me thats his girlfriend

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Q: Does tails have a girlfriend
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Does the tails doll have a girlfriend?

tails dossent have a girlfriend. NOBODY CARES ABOUT TAILS DOLL!!!!!

Does tails have a girlfriend or wife?

tails has a wife

Who is tails doll's girlfriend?

Cream doll

Does cream become tails girlfriend?

No Cream and tails only like each other as friends they never kissed and never will be girlfriend and boyfriend just friends.

Who is tails girlfriend?

Amy the Hedgehog

Are Tails and Amy boyfriend and girlfriend?

No. Amy and Tails share a friendly relationship and nothing more as of canon.

Is it against the rules to think tails love Amy?

It is not against the rules to think Tails loves Amy. Amy is Tails girlfriend. If you are too shy to think that, then read an article.

Does Amy love tails?

No Amy is in love with Sonic(Sonic likes her also) and tails might like Cream

Who is miles tails prower girlfriend after cosmo dies?

Tails does not have a girfriend after Cosmo he is too crushed that she has died. So he just concentrates on his inventing and his freedom fighter training.

Who is sonic’s current girlfriend in sonic x?

Sally is Sonic's current girlfriend, back from Knothole Village. When Sonic and Tails arrive their old home, they meet her and Bunnie.

Is Tails in love with Amy?

Yes. Tails loves Amy(2012-present), Cream(2006-2009,) and Cosmo(2009-2011). Sonic is Amy's brother. Sally is Sonic's REAL girlfriend.

Does sonic like cosmo?

he likes her in friend but not as a girlfriend. that's cosmo+tails and sonic+sally. youtube lies. ;.