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Tails does not have a girfriend after Cosmo he is too crushed that she has died. So

he just concentrates on his inventing and his freedom fighter training.

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Q: Who is miles tails prower girlfriend after cosmo dies?
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Does miles tails prower love Cosmo in sonic x?

yes. in a Japanese version of an sonic x episode where cosmo dies tails told her he loved her

What is Tails' full name?

Tails the Fox's real name is Miles Prower.

Is miles tails prower a girl?

Miles "Tails" Prower is not a girl, he is male, if he was a girl it would have been established.

What is miles tales prower?

Miles tails prower is a fox from the sonic the hedgehog videogames.

Dose Miles tails Prower kill Cosmo?

In the Television Series Sonic X, Yes, Tails does kill Cosmo. However, she voluntarily gave up her life so it is not murder. He didn't want to because he loved her very much it was a heartbreaking episode :'(It was cosmo's destiny apparently

What color is Miles Tails Prower?

Tails is orange/amber

Who has a crush on Miles Tails Prower?


Where can you talk miles tails prower?


Does the tails doll have a girlfriend?

tails dossent have a girlfriend. NOBODY CARES ABOUT TAILS DOLL!!!!!

Is tails the fox female?

Tails is a boy. His full name is Miles "Tails" Prower. Tails is just his nickname since he can fly with his two tails.

Who nicknamed Miles Prower Tails?

It was always his nickname.

Who is Sonic's Best Pal?

miles prower (tails)