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The last episode of DragonBall GT and the DragonBall GT movie, "A Hero's Legacy."

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Q: What episode did Goku jr first appear in?
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Who is Goku jr?

goku jr. is the grandson of Pan he appers in the last episode of dragonball gt.

Why don't Goku Jr and Goku meet at the end of the last DragonBall GT episode?

Goku and Goku Jr. meet in the DragonBall GT movie, "A Hero's Legacy."

What episode in dragonball that Goku and piccalo fight?

Piccalo Sr. is: Episode #109Piccalo Jr. is: Episode #143

How old is Goku when he meets Goku Jr.?

well i would say never because there is no one names that, unless your talking about the first episode of dragon ball gt when emporer ( how ever you spell it) pilaf gets the black star dragon balls and accedintaly wishes for goku to become a kid again. trust me I'm a 13 year old dragon ball, dragon ball z, & dragon ball gt NERD. Actually, in the final episode of GT, it shows Goku Jr. fighting Vegeta Jr. in the World Martial Arts tournament. Goku Jr. meets Goku in the GT movie, "A Hero's Legacy," but Goku is just there in Goku Jr.'s mind. This means Goku was probably 48, because he's wearing his GT clothes, and he is an adult, like he was for the beginning of the first episode of GT.

Is dbz af real?

dbz af is real they have made a game out of it and at the end of gt there was the first episode with goku jr

What eposode did goku fight king piccolo?

it starts on episode 102 and ends on episode 122 where piccolo jr. steps in goku fights king piccolo in 108 and then again in 120-124 then jr is born

What episode does Goku have his 3 son?

goku only has 2 sons: gohan and goten. he has a grandaughter, pan and a great-great-grandson goku jr

Does goku Jr appear in dragonball gt?

Um... Yeah. The animation is the same. so.... Yeah. PS: When Goku Jr became SSJ, Power level: 135.

What episode does goku meet picholo-jr?

137 dragon ball prelimanary peril

Who is stronger Goku Jr. or Vegeta Jr.?

it will be goku jr because he went supersaiyan 2 and vegeta only went supersaiyan

Who are the parents of goku Jr and vegeta Jr?

Nobody knows who Goku jr's parents are but his grandma is pan. There is only one parent know to be Vegeta jr's mother and that is known al bulma jr. look in the last episode of dragonball gt and you'll see.

Do anyone knows the complete family tree of Goku?

Bardock - ? + (son)Goku(Kakarot) - Raditz(son) + Goku - Chi-Chi + (son)Gohan - Goten(son) + Gohan - Videl + Pan - ? + ?-? + ?-? Goku Jr. in dbgt the last episode, goku jr. is pans great grandson not her son... his parents are unknown