What trainer has a prinplup?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a few do, but if you choose infernape as your first pokemon, your rival (wally) will have piplup, that will evolve into prinplup, hope that answers your question

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Q: What trainer has a prinplup?
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Where is a trainer that has prinplup on pokemon platinum?

If you chose Chimchar as your starter, your rival will eventually get a Prinplup. Also, at the Pokémon mansion, one trainer will have a Prinplup.

Which trainer has prinplup in platinum?

your rival (if u started with chimchar)

Pokemo platinum here do you sea prinplup?

A trainer on Route 212 near Mr. Backlot's Mansion will fight with a Prinplup when you battle them.

Where is there a trainer with prinplup in Pokemon Platinum?

by the Pokemon mansion in a double battle outside of it

In Pokemon Diamond does any trainer have a Prinplup and if there is where do you find him?

Theres one on route 212.

Which trainer has prinplup in Pokemon platinum?

there is a trainer on route 212. It is the 2nd trainer heading south from hearthome after you get into where it gets darker/raining

What trainer in Pokemon diamond has a prinplup?

Here are the trainers with Prinplup and their locations:Picnicker Karina (Using the Vs. Seeker) - South of Route 205Pokemon Ranger Jeffery - South of Route 212Pokemon Trainer (Rival name and if Chimchar is chosen) - Hearthome CityPokemon Trainer Lucas/Dawn (If Turtwig is chosen) - Veilstone CityPokemon Trainer (Rival name and if Chimchar is chosen) - Pastoria CityPokemon Trainer (Rival name and if Chimchar is chosen) - Canalave City

Where can you find a trainer who has a prinplup?

On route 212, go towards the Pokemon Mansion. Go through the gates and there is a couple on the right. The man has a Prinplup. Make your starter a chimchar and your rival will pick a piplup when you fight him eventually he will have a prinlup.

Is prinplup a boy?

prinplup can be a male or female.

Where is the trainer that has a prinplup on Pokemon diamond?

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What Pokemon trainer uses the prinplup in Pokemon platinum?

On the west side of route 212, in front of Mr Backlots mansion there is a couple who own one! :D

Where to see empolion on Pokemon diamond?

What starter do you have? If you have Empoleon, you don't need me to answer this question. If you have Infernape, then your rival has Empoleon. If you have Torterra, then a trainer has Empoleon, somwhere on the way to Pastoria city. This is why it isn't a very good Idea to skip trainers!