What type of Pokemon is Prinplup?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Prinplup is a Water type pokemon.

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Q: What type of Pokemon is Prinplup?
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What is the national pokedex number for Prinplup?

Prinplup is #394 in the national pokedex, and it is a Water type Pokemon.

What rentel Pokemon can you get in Pokemon Battle Revolution?

Gabite, Staravia, monferno, prinplup, grotle, and a bug type, I think.

What level does prinplup evolve in Pokemon platinium?

Prinplup evolves at level 36

Where do you see Prinplup in Pokemon Platinum?

You have to choose Piplup as starter pokemon, that you receive from Prof. Rowan, then at level 16 it will evolve into Prinplup.

Where is a trainer that has prinplup on pokemon platinum?

If you chose Chimchar as your starter, your rival will eventually get a Prinplup. Also, at the Pokémon mansion, one trainer will have a Prinplup.

Why cant you use a water stone on a prinplup?

they made it impossible because prinplup is a starter pokemon

What Pokemon evolve in Empoleon in Pokemon indigo?

In Pokemon Indigo Prinplup is the Pokemon that evolves into Empoleon and it will evolve into it at Level 36 however Prinplup would've evolved from Piplup at Level 16.

Where to battle prinplup in Pokemon diamond?

Your rival.

Where can you catch a Prinplup in Pokemon Diamond?

you can't

What level does prinplup evolve on Pokemon diamond?

Prinplup evolves into Empoleon at level 36.You can teach it Surf once you get the HM.Your prinplup will evolve on lvl 36.

Where can you see Prinplup in Pokemon Pearl?

you can see it just south of the Pokemon mansion on the rainy route there are two Pokemon rangers. one has an aipom one has a prinplup. but you can't get it from any one but a starter Pokemon.

How do you level up prinplup in Pokemon?

that is simple the same way you do with any other Pokemon defeat people gain exp and get alot and then your prinplup will level up