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go to sotopolis and dive there. (there is two dive area. first to sotopolis island and second near go to second beat the bed guys and then in first.)

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Q: What to after do after getting dive for steven sapphire?
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Where do you find the submarine in sapphire?

you first go to steven to get dive and dive dvie

Where can you find the HM dive?

This HM is exclusive to ruby, sapphire and emerald versions. You receive it from steven after getting the 7th badge.

Where do you find dive in sapphire?

in mossdeep city steven gives it to you

How do you find dive in Pokemon sapphire?

The HM Dive is given by steven at his house in mossdeep city.

Where is the Dive HM at in Sapphire?

Go to Steven's house in Mossdeep city. Talk to him. He'll give you HM Dive.

Where do you get dive in sapphire?

In mossdeep city you have to go two houses at the left of the gym and you,ll find dive by steven.

Where do you get the hm dive in Pokemon sapphire?

Steven gives it to you at his house in mossdeep city.

How do you get dive in Pokemon Sapphire version?

You go to Steven's house in Mossdeep City

Where do you get dive on Pokemon sapphire?

You can get dive on Mossdeep Island from Steven's house. The house is located in the top left corner of the island.

Where do you get dive for sapphire?

You get the HM from steven. His house is in Mossdeep city, to the top left of the P.C. there.

Where to get HM Dive in Pokemon Sapphire?

after you beat mossdeep gym talk to steven go to steven's house in moss deep town

Where to learn dive in Pokemon Sapphire?

on Mosdeep island ,steven gives you after difeating the gym leader