What ps3s are backward compatible?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Only PS3 models that have 4 USB ports from the first and second generation of PS3 models

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Q: What ps3s are backward compatible?
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Can you play Dukes of Hazzard ps2 game on ps3?

No you can not except is the backward compatible PS3s with the 4 USB ports

How good quality will the PS2 game GTA San Andreas on a ps3?

The quality should be the same, however it will only work on a PS3 that is backward compatible with PS2 games (new PS3s are not).

Does the simpsons hit n run work on the PS3?

It's a PS2, Game Cube, Xbox, & PC game that is not Backward Compatible with the 4 USB Port PS3s that can play some PS2 game titles

Is Sony MZ-M200 backward compatible?

The MZ-M200 is fully backward compatible with all minidisc recordings

Are PS3 hard drives compatible with other PS3s?

Yes. Your ps3 will notice nothing

Is the ps3 80gb CECHL03 backwards compatible?

NO it is not. The only PS3 80 GB model that was backward compatible was CECHE. It was the last PS3 model that was backward compatible. Even the PS3 40 GB models CECHG and CHECHH were not backward compatible. The related link for Playstation support provides details on the different models

Can you play the PlayStation 2 games in PlayStation 3?

New PS3s are not reverse compatible with PS2 games.

On the new 80g ps3 is it possible anyway to play ps2 games?

No, newer PS3s are not backwards compatible.

USB 3.0 Extensions are backward compatible. USB 3.0 Device cables are not.?

USB 3.0 Extensions are backward compatible. USB 3.0 Device cables are not.

Why are some PS3 backward compatible?

Because in the beginning they did not have very many PS3 games and PS2 games had to be compatible to sell the PS3 game consoles. They later learned that making every game Backwards compatible was not possible because they would need the designers assistance. Some companies went out of Business or changed hands through merger and takeovers, still others wanted to design new games for PS3 and did not want the games to be compatible because of a loss of new sales. People that had purchased the compatible PS3s complained when every PS1 and PS2 game title was not perfectly compatible and did not care about what was technologically possible. Then when the Europe consoles were to be released they tried Software emulation to help allow the European region and format games to work with Backward Compatibility and had more games not working perfectly. Years later they are still working on getting every PS2 title to work with the original PS3s with 4 USB ports. Sony lost more on each of those original PS3s than the are selling the current PS3s for when inflation adjustments are considered. You should understand that if a PS2 title does not work on a PS2 the game designers are responsible for making it work, when it does not work on the PS3 then Sony must figure out how to make it work and then get the game designers to agree to changes.

How do you play PS2 games on PS3 120gb?

It depends what type of ps3. Only the ps3s released at the launch date are compatible with ps2 games. All new ps3s don't work with ps2 games

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