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NO it is not. The only PS3 80 GB model that was backward compatible was CECHE. It was the last PS3 model that was backward compatible. Even the PS3 40 GB models CECHG and CHECHH were not backward compatible.

The related link for Playstation support provides details on the different models

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Q: Is the ps3 80gb CECHL03 backwards compatible?
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Is there a way to make the 80GB playstation 3 backwards compatible?

If you PS3 is not backwards compatible nothing you can do will change that

What are the backwards compatible models of PS3?

Hate to tell you this, but every ps3 can play ps1 games including the slim. 20gb 60gb 80gb are backwards compatible with ps2 games.

What is the most valuable model of the PS3?

The ps3's that are backwards compatible with ps2 games.20gb 60gb and 80gb

Is ps3 backwards compatible?

Only one type is backward compatible with some PlayStation 3, and that is a certain type of 80gb that is no longer in production.:{:{:{:{:{:{:{:{

Does guitar hero rocks the 80s work on PS3?

yes it is unless u get a gh version for ps3

Is ps2 games compatible with a 80gb ps3?


Can you play ratchet deadlocked on the PS3?

Only if you have a PS3 that is backwards compatible with PS2 games. This includes the 20GB, 60GB, and 80GB models. If you do not have one of these models of PS3 you will not be able to play Ratchet Deadlocked.

Does the PS3 80GB backwards compatible?

Only the ones with 4 USB ports released in August 2007 are and the other PS3 80 GB models released beginning in August 2008 are not

Which PS3 is better?

Which version is better is up to you, depending on where you live you have the following options: PS3 80GB (US) 80GB HDD, Card Reader, Backwards Compatible with PS2 games, 1 free game (Motorstorm) PS3 60GB (discontinued, search the stores if you want one) 60GB HDD, Card Reader, Backwards Compatible with PS2 games, 2nd controller, 2 games for free (Resistance and Motorstorm) PS3 40GB (Worldwide) 40GB HDD, No Card Reader, Not Backwards Compatible I won't write about the 20GB since you probably can´t find one anymore.

Is the PS3 backwards compatible?


Is the Metal Gear Solid bundle of the ps3 backwards compatible?

All ps1 games are playable on ps3, so Metal Gear Solid 1 is backwards compatible, but only backwards compatible systems can play the second and third game on ps3.

What is a backwards compatible model of the PS3?

First Generation models ie. those that were released first were fully backwards compatible and played PS2 and PS1 games as well as PS3 games. The second generation of the PS3 also which also had 4 USB ports were also Backwards compatible with many of the PS2 games. All other PS3 models lack the backwards compatible feature and are not considered to be Backwards compatible. see related link.