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Bulbasaur is number 1 in the national Pokedex.

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Q: What pokemon is number 1 in the pokedex?
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What is number 1 pokemon in the national pokedex?


What Pokemon ID number is 26388?

That's your trainer ID number, not a Pokedex number. Pokedex numbers range from 1 to 721; with each number corresponding to a specific Pokemon.

What Pokemon on your pokedex is number 148?

atzelf in 1 of the lakes.

How do you get a Pokemon with the id number 13944?

That's your trainer ID number, not a Pokedex number. You would need an ID number of 13944 to get a Pokemon with that trainer ID number. Pokedex numbers range from 1 to 721.

In Pokemon emerald's pokedex what Pokemon is number 367?

In the both the Hoenn and national pokedex, Pokemon number 367 is Huntail.

What Pokemon is number 191 in the Hoenn pokedex?

my pokedex said that there are only 139 Pokemon in the hoen pokedex.

What Pokemon is number 641 in the pokedex in pokemon white?

Tornadus is 641st in the Pokedex.

What is number 345 in the national pokedex?

#345 in the national pokedex is the Pokemon lileep. you can find 1 with the explorer kit!!!!!!

Who Pokemon is number 80 in Pokemon Diamond Sinnoh pokedex?

diamond pokedex number 80 is Barboach

What Pokemon is number 148 of pokedex on Pokemon plantinum?

On Pokemon platinum, number 148 of the sinnoh pokedex is azelf - the lake guardian!

What is pokedex number 25 on Pokemon Pearl?

Number 25 on the pokedex in Pokemon pearl is BUDEW the grass & poison type Pokemon.

In the pokedex in Pokemon Diamond what Pokemon is 114?

In the Sinnoh Pokedex Number 114 is Mantine. In the National Pokedex its Kabutops.