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Absol is the Pokemon before Giratina. Absol's number in the pokedex is 209 and Giratina's number is 210. This is the one in the Pokemon platinum POKEDEX.

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Q: What is before Giratina in Pokemon Platinum in the pokedex?
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What rare Pokemon's can you get before the elite 4 in Pokemon Platinum?

The rare Pokemon which you can get before the Elite Four in Pokemon Platinum are Giratina, Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf.

What Pokemon are in the pokedex on Pokemon Platinum?

every pokemon from that game and generations before

Will Pokemon platinum let you trade Pokemon from emerald version to platinum before obtaining the national pokedex?


What comes before gligar on the Pokemon platinum pokedex?

Rotom does.

What legendary Pokemon can you get before you beat the elite four on platinum?

Giratina, and the 3 lake pokemon.

Pokemon platinum pokedex 152 before national?


Pokemon platinum how much Pokemon do you have to get before you get the national pokedex?

210 some are really hard

What is the Pokemon before Rotom and after Palkia and Dialga on platinum?

478 is the Pokemon froslass which is right before rotom on the national pokedex. and 485 is the Pokemon heatran which is right after palkia on the national pokedex.

How do you get to sunyshore city in Pokemon Platinum without catching Giratina and beating the elite four?

Well, you can't get to the Elite four without going to SunyShore, but you MUST either capture or KO Giratina before you're allowed to go to Sunyshore.

Were can you see Rotom in Pokemon platinum before getting the national pokedex?

Im not positive that you can get rotom before the national pokedex but in the old chateau. In one of the rooms he is in the TV

On the platinum pokedex before you beat the elite 4 what is number 134 151?

Pokemon #134: Finneon. Pokemon #151: Manaphy.

Does the national pokedex have to be obtained on Pokemon platinum before you can get Dialga?

Yes. The part of the story when you can catch Dialga and Palkia is not unlocked until you get the National Pokedex.