What moves should Gyarados learn?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What moves should Gyarados learn?
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When does Gyarados learn moves in Pokemon Yellow?

Gyarados should learn Bite once Magikarp evolves at lv 20. Gyarados will then learn Dragon Rage at 25, Leer at 32, Hydro Pump at 41, and Hyper Beam at 52. Gyarados will also learn moves if you teach it TMs and HMs.

Can Magikarp learn TM moves?

No.Magikarp cannot learn any TM moves if it evolves into gyarados then gyarados can learn TM moves and HM moves too. I Hope i helped you!

What moves does Gyarados learn on LeafGreen?

Gyarados is a dragon type of Pokémon that evolves from Magikarp. It can learn various moves such as dragon dance.

Can Gyarados learn ice moves in Pokemon platinum?

Yes he can. For example, he can learn the TM Ice Beam.

What moves does gyardos learn?

Gyarados can learn water,dragon and some flying type moves. It can learn useful water moves like surf, waterfall and whirlpool. It can also learn dragon moves like dragon rage and dragon breathe. Despite being a water type because it's secondary type is dragon it can learn the move fireblast. Hyperbeam makes Gyarados even more powerful.

What moves does Gyarados learn in emerald?

Gyarados can learn the following moves in Pokemon emerald: 20- Bite 25- Dragon Rage 30- Leer 35- Twister 40- Hydro Pump 45- Rain Dance 50- Dragon Dance 55- Hyper Beam

Should i use lapras or Gyarados to beat the elite 4 and lance?

gyarados for the win if it knows ice moves. why not both if possible?

Why can't Magikarp learn any moves besides Splash in Emerald?

MagikarpActually, Magikarp can learn moves and level up. Magikarp can learn Tackle and Flail. Feebas can also learn Tackle and Splash. Magikarp and Feebas can't learn any more moves until they evolve into Gyarados or Milotic.

What moves and levels does Gyarados learn in emerald?

level 1=flame thrower level100=fack u thank u

What level does gyarados learn crunch?

Gyarados cannot learn crunch by any means

What level does Gyarados learn aqua tail?

Gyarados will learn Aqua Tail at Level 35.

What level does Gyarados learn water gun in Pokemon emerald?

Gyarados cannot learn water gun.