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Gyarados cannot learn water gun.

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Q: What level does Gyarados learn water gun in Pokemon emerald?
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What level does Gyarados need to be to learn dive in pokemon platinum?

Gyarados cannot learn Dive by itself from leveling and must learn it from the HM Dive which is not available in Pokemon Platinum. The HM for Dive is only available in Pokemon versions; Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, White, Black, White2, and Black2

When does Gyarados learn hyper beam in Pokemon gold?

Gyarados learns Hyper Beam at level 50.

What moves does garadoes learn on Pokemon emerald?

In Pokémon Emerald, the moves that Gyarados are capable of learning through level up are Thrash which is a start move and then it will learn Bite at Level 20, Dragon Rage at Level 25, Leer at Level 30, Twister at Level 35, Hydro Pump at Level 40, Rain Dance at Level 45, Dragon Dance at Level 50 and Hyper Beam at Level 55.

What level does Gyarados learn aqua tail?

Gyarados will learn Aqua Tail at Level 35.

What moves and levels does Gyarados learn in emerald?

level 1=flame thrower level100=fack u thank u

When does typhlosion learn eruption in Pokemon emerald?

At level 74

What water type move does Gyarados have in Pokemon emerald?

It learns Hydro Pump and Rain Dance through level up. Through TM and HM, it can learn Water Pulse, Surf, Waterfall, and Dive.

What level does gyarados learn crunch?

Gyarados cannot learn crunch by any means

Where to get shadow punch in Pokemon emerald?

I am pretty sure your Pokemon can learn it on a high level. :)

Can Gyarados learn surf?

yes because its a water type but i don't think every water Pokemon can learn surf

What level learn Flaygon earthquake on Pokemon emerald?

Only by Tm

What Pokemon can learn surf in Pokemon emerald?

All water Pokemon except for Magikarp can, but when Magikarp evolves into Gyarados, you can teach surf to it. Magikarp is a useless Pokemon unless it is over level 20, by then it would have turned into a gyarados(unless you cancelled the evolution.) gyarados is amazing