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Gyarados will learn Aqua Tail at Level 35.

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Q: What level does Gyarados learn aqua tail?
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What level will Totodile learn Aqua Tail?

Totodile learns Aqua Tail at Level 36.

What level does Gyarados learn a water type move?

not till level 35 in diamond and pearl and platinum. it learns aqua tail. that's 90 power and 90 accuracy. id just teach it surf

What move does Palkia learn after slash?

At level 80 it learn Aqua Tail and at level 90 Aura Sphere.

What level can Milotic learn aqua tail?

It can't. It can only learn water pulse at level 20 and hydro pump at level 40

Which move is better for Gyarados aqua tail or hydro pump?

aqua tail since gyrados has a higher attack stat than special attack

Can drantini learn water type moves?

He learns aqua tail at level 35

What are the moves of the Red Gyarados from 1 100?

The Red Gyarados' moves from Level 1 to Level 100 are as follows: Thrash, Bite at Level 20, Dragon Rage at Level 23, Leer at Level 26, Twister at Level 29, Ice Fang at Level 32, Aqua Tail at Level 35, Rain Dance at Level 38, Hydro Pump at Level 41, Dragon Dance at Level 44 and Hyper Beam at Level 47.

What moves can drgonair learn?

Early on it can learn Thunder Wave and Twister. Slam can be learned after that. Aqua tail near level 40. And finally Dragon Rush after/around level 40.

What moves can gyradoes can learn in Pokemon Platinum?

The moves Gyarados can learn via level up in Pokémon Platinum include ones such as Bite, Leer, Thrash, Dragon Rage, Twister, Aqua Tail, Twister, Ice Fang, Hydro Pump, Rain Dance, Dragon Dance and the normal-type damaging attack; Hyper Beam.

What moves does Azumarill learn in Pokemon Ruby version and what level?

2 defense curl, 7 tail whip, 10 water gun, 15 rollout, 20 bubblebeam, 27 aqua ring, 33 double edge, 40 rain dance, 47 aqua tail, 54 hydro pump

What color is Aqua Bayer's tail?

Aqua Bayer's tail is gold.

Where is the aqua tail TM in Pokemon FireRed?

there is no tm for aqua tail.