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Shedinja is Ghost/Bug, so basically use Dark,Fire, Flying, Rock or Ghost moves to OTK

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Q: What moves are super effective against shedinja?
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What Pokemon is only hurt by super effective moves?

Shedinja is hurt only by super-effective moves.

Why wont Shedinja do super effective moves?

It doesn't do super effective it don't get hit unless its super effective

What type of Pokemon is Shedinja?

Psychic and Ground type moves are super effective against Poison type Pokémon.

What super effective moves can knockout a Shedinja?

Shedinja, having 1 HP, can be knocked out by any damage-dealing Flying, Rock, Ghost, Fire or Dark type move.

What is wonder guard?

In pokemon, it is an ability that prevents all damage except for moves that are super effective to it. Only Shedinja has this ability.

What does wonderguard do in platinum?

The Pokemon can only be hit by "super-effective" moves. For example, Shedinja can only be hit by fire, rock, ghost, dark, and flying type moves. If a Pokemon tries to attack it with a water type move, Shedinja can't be hit because of it's wonderguard.

Whats super effective against dark?

Bug Type and Fighting Type moves are super effective against it.

Who is better Ninjask or Shedinja?

Ninjask in my opinion because it can take more than 1 hit but since shedinja has wondeguard and the opponent does not have a super effective move shedinja can't be hit so depend the for ur against

Pokemon pearl what super effective movves knockout a Shedinja?

Flamethrower = Best ever other fire type moves work aswell

What is super effective against hitmonchan?

fly moves

What ice moves are effective against dragon Pokemon?

all ice moves are super effective against dragon as well as other dragon moves.

What types are super-effective against poison type Pokemon?

Psychic and ground type moves are super-effective against poison types I tried using fighting moves, and they were not very effective