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Psychic and ground type moves are super-effective against poison types

I tried using fighting moves, and they were not very effective

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Q: What types are super-effective against poison type Pokemon?
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What is supereffective against dark poke?

Dark-Type Pokemon are weak against: Fighting-Types Bug-Types

Is electric type supereffective on fire type?

No. Electric-type is supereffective against the flying and water-types. The ground and water-types are supereffective against fire.

What type is strong against Poison types Pokemon?

Poison types are weak against Ground and Psychic types.

What are dragon type Pokemon supereffective at?

dragon and ice types are super effective against dragon type.hope this help!

What type of Pokemon can easily kill bug type Pokemon?

Fire types, flying types, and rock types are supereffective against bug types. Grass, dark, and psychic types: BEWARE OF THE BUG.

What is super effective against poison types?

ground type Pokemon are super effective against poison type Pokemon.

What Pokemon kills a poison type?

Psychic types are super effective against Poison types.

What are fairy Pokemon weak against?

Poison-types and steel-types

What is super effective against Rhydon?

Water types, leaf types, and fighting types are all supereffective against a rhydon

What types are good againsed ice type?

Fire and fighting types are supereffective against ice types.

What type of Pokemon is strong against water dragon Pokemon?

Ice types are supereffective and so are dragon types. Yes, dragon types ARE EFFECTIVE against dragon types. In some dual-type dragon pokemon, like Garchomp for example, Ice is 4x effective to it and Dragon types, 2x

In Pokemon what types are weak to poison type moves?

Poison Type moves are super effective against only Grass Types.