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Poison Type moves are super effective against only Grass Types.

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Q: In Pokemon what types are weak to poison type moves?
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What types are super-effective against poison type Pokemon?

Psychic and ground type moves are super-effective against poison types I tried using fighting moves, and they were not very effective

What Pokemon is immune to bug types?

No Pokemon is completely "Immune" from bug types. However, Fire, Fighting, Poison and steel type Pokemon have a resistance to bug type moves.

What is poison type Pokemon weakness?

Poison type Pokemon are weak to psychic and ground type moves.

What type of Pokemon moves are bad against poison type moves?

grass,poison think that's it

What type of Pokemon can beat fighting type Pokemon?

Flying and Psychic are super effective vs Fighting. Fighting moves are not very effective vs Flying, Psychic, Poison, and Bug types. Ghost types are immune to fighting type moves.

What is the strongest poison type pokemon?

Strong ground and psychic Pokemon such as Claydol, Metagross, and Tyranitar. Both ground and psychic moves are super-effective against poison. They are both multiplied by 2. A good ground type move is earthquake, but since many poison Pokemon have levitate or are flying, they can avoid this. It depends on dual types, abilities, available moves, etc., of both Pokemon, but the strongest Pokemon against poison Pokemon generally would be the strongest psychic and ground Pokemon. Some excellent psychic and ground Pokemon (strongest is quite subjective, so there's no definite answer) are Metagross and Tyranitar, respectively. Claydol is a strong Psychic and Ground dual-type Pokemon.

What is super effective on dark and poison type Pokemon?

Dark types are vulnerable to Bug and Fighting types (x2). They resist Dark,Ghost, and physcic type moves (x1/2).

What are Poison Type Pokémon strong against?

Poison-Type moves are only strong against Grass-Types. Poison-Type Pokémon are strong against Grass-Types, Bug-Types, Fighting-Types, and other Poison-Types.

What is good against Grass Pokemon?

Grass Pokemon are weak against Fire, Ice, psychic, Poison, Flying, and Bug type moves. The effectiveness of these types of attacks may be increased or decreased if the Pokemon has two types. For example, Bulbasaur is a dual Grass / Poison, so Poison attacks are not as effective.

How can you beat a poison type pokemon?

Poison moves don't work very well on Rock, Ground, or Ghost Pokemon, and they don't work at all against Steel types... so if you get some of those type Pokemon to fight for you, you should have a good chance of winning. Try using a Pokemon with the move Earthquake, if you have it. Poison is strong against Grass types and Fairy types, so try not to use those types in the battle if you can help it.

Which Pokemon type is most effective against rock type Pokemon fire normal poison or bug?

I would say poison type, as normal type moves are not very effective, neither are fire attacks, and bug types are weak against rock. Therefore, I conclude that poison type, depending on your pokémon's attacks, you should go with your poison type pokémon.

What types do fairy Pokemon defeat?

Fairy-type Pokémon and their moves are super effective against Fighting, Dragon and Dark-type opponents, but not very effective against Fire, Poison and Steel types. While they are immune to Dragon-type moves and barely affected by Fighting, Bug and Dark type Pokémon, Fairy-types are weak against Poison and Steel type Pokémon whose moves are super effective.