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I would say poison type, as normal type moves are not very effective, neither are fire attacks, and bug types are weak against rock. Therefore, I conclude that poison type, depending on your pokémon's attacks, you should go with your poison type pokémon.

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Q: Which Pokemon type is most effective against rock type Pokemon fire normal poison or bug?
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What does poison is effective for in Pokemon?

Poison is very effective against grass pokemon.

What is super effective against poison types?

ground type Pokemon are super effective against poison type Pokemon.

What type can beat a poison-type Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?

ground and physic Pokemon are super effective against poison Pokemon

What is super effective against poison?

Ground and psychic type attacks are both super-effective against a poison type pokemon.

What Pokemon kills a poison type?

Psychic types are super effective against Poison types.

On Pokemon platinum what type is not so effective against ghost?

Ghost-type's resistances are Bug and Poison. They are completely immune to Fighting and Normal-types.

What types are super-effective against poison type Pokemon?

Psychic and ground type moves are super-effective against poison types I tried using fighting moves, and they were not very effective

What are rock Pokemon resistance?

Normal, fire, flying and poison type moves aren't really effective against rock type Pokémon.

What Pokemon are super effective against Agatha?

use ghost type on her phsycic and phsycic on her poison Pokemon

Which two Pokemon types are super effective on each other and which Pokemon has these two types?

In Generation 1 (Red, Blue, Yellow) Bug is super-effective against Poison, and Poison is super-effective against Bug. Weedle Kakuna Beedrill Venonat Venomoth

What types of Pokemon is physic super effective against?

Fighting and Poison. It is not very effective on Steel, and has no effect on Dark.

What is super effective to fairy type Pokemon?

Poison and Steel types are super effective against Fairy types.