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Poison-Type moves are only strong against Grass-Types.

Poison-Type Pokémon are strong against Grass-Types, Bug-Types, Fighting-Types, and other Poison-Types.

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Q: What are Poison Type Pokémon strong against?
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What does a poison type Pokemon beat?

Poison is strong against grass type Pokémon.

What type is strong against Poison types Pokemon?

Poison types are weak against Ground and Psychic types.

What type is strong against grass Pokemon?

Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, and Ice type moves are strong against a Grass type Pokemon.

What Type Are Strong Against Fairy Pokemon?

Poison and Steel type moves are good against Fairy type Pokemon.

What type of Pokemon aren't strong against ground type?

Poison, rock and electric.

Who is the gym leader for fuchsia city?

Koga. He uses Poison type. Use Steel type, for they are not affected by poison. Or use Ground type because they are strong against poison.

What are poision type Pokemon weakness?

Poison is strong against Grass. It's weak against Poison, Ground, Rock, and Ghost. It can't affect Steel. Ground and Psychic are strong against Poison. Grass, Fighting, Poison, and Bug are weak against Poison.

Are ghost type moves strong against ground type moves?

poison, electric, fire, rock, and steel

What Pokemon types are strong against Fighting?

Fighting types are weak against psychic and flying types.

What type is zubat strong against?

It is a Poison-Flying type. It evolves into Golbat.

What is strong against Poison type on Pokemon Black 2?

Poison-type Pokémon are weak against Ground and Psychic-typed moves (not counting their secondary typing).However with the ability for you to get those types not available early in the game, I would recommend a Magnemite (Virbank Complex) against Roxie as Steel-types are immune to Poison moves.

What Pokemon are strong against poison type?

Psychic type Pokémon. An example is Metagross, as Metagross is a dual steel and psychic type Pokémon, meaning you'll be able to destroy virtually any poison type Pokémon and take no damage from poison type attacks at the same time.